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  • Frequently asked questions

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Please contact us direct for any queries or additional information.

How do I apply for FTTH to my complex?

This can be done by one of the following methods:

  1. Complete the “Get in touch” web form on www.netstream.co.za
  2. Call 010 599 5089
  3. Mail us at info@netstream.co.za

Is there any cost for deploying the infrastructure?

The fibre network will be installed at absolutely no cost to the complex, Body Corporate or Owners

What is Netstream’s Process from Start to Finish?

After interest is shown in our services, we schedule an introductory meeting with your estate’s decision making parties. This includes a presentation and a QnA session. You will also be presented with a hard copy of the Netstream Grant of Rights Agreement.
Netstream then conducts Site Survey. A thorough inspection of the property is conducted in order to evaluate the most efficient and least disruptive route for the installation of the fibre network. Wherever possible, we endeavour to make use of existing ducting and reticulation.

It will take approximately 30 days, on average, from date of the signed Grant of Rights Agreement for the teams to begin your fibre network installation on site.

A comprehensive network design and project plan is drafted.

A Site Kick-Off Meeting is held to discuss expectations and introduce all relevant parties. Thereafter, the network build work will commence.

Netstream assigns your project its very own Communications Liason Officer who provides weekly progress reports and answers any queries you may have.

As soon as the backbone fibre (The Optical Distribution Network) and sign-off phase (Phase 1) is completed, the in-home installation phase (Phase 2) can begin.

The estate will be notified that Netstream is ready to commence with the in-home installation phase (Phase 2). The in-home installation phase communication e-mail is sent to both the estate manager and all parties who completed the survey.

Residents qualify for a free in-home installation for up to one year after the initial build is completed as long as they take a monthly package with one of Netstream’s internet service providers.

Once the completed infrastructure has been installaed there is a short testing phase to address any potential issues.

After being given the green light from our network engineers you will be notified that your network is ready to go live.

Subscribers can now simply choose their desired ISP package from one of our listed ISPs.
1. Register on our Client Portal or;
2. Contact the ISPs directly

The ISP will contact Netstream to notify us that a resident has signed up for a package.

Netstream will contact the resident to schedule an in-home installation appointment and will notify the ISP upon successful installation.

The ISP will now be in contact with the resident/owner to schedule their activation appointment.

What network architecture do you deploy?

  1. We deploy NGPON2.
  2. Netstream has standardized on NGPON2 as it offers more control and functionality albeit, at the potential risk of having more active equipment deployed in the field. This risk is successfully mitigated by our equipment choice which is more commonly deployed in extreme environments like mines and heavy industry and offers outstanding reliability in the somewhat “milder” environments of domestic networking.

How do you maintain the network?

We are on call to address any potential challenges on the local network as well as preventative maintenance onsite.
While our equipment and network components are of the highest quality, sometimes things do go wrong, when this happens, we commit to restore services as quickly as possible.

Do I need to be at home for the ISP installation?

You do not have to be home personally, however, our ISP partners require someone of 18 years or older to be onsite during the installation.

Is there any shaping or throttling on Netstream fibre?

Netstream does not throttle or shape in any way. Some of our ISP partners may apply certain policies at various times of the day to enhance the overall experience for the widest possible audience.

Can I "Port" my existing landline number?

Absolutely, many of our partners are also voice experts and can easily port your existing Telkom or VolP number to their platform. As VolP rates can be as much as 85% less expensive as traditional telecommunication solutions, it has the potential to provide a cost-efficient solution.

Who do I call when problems arise?

Your point of contact will be your chosen ISP. Please contact them in the case of service issues or failure.

How can fibre improve the security in our complex?

As an additional value-added service, Netstream will supply at a ratio of 10:1 CCTV camera points to run on the fibre network infrastructure at no cost.

Do you have to trench or dig?

We will use your existing infrastructure were ever possible, but occasionally it is unavoidable. Existing sleeves and conduits are often blocked or broken, preventing access to the planned fibre route. We undertake to reinstate any damages made to the property while the fibre is laid.

How long will the construction/installation take?

Phase I (Backbone Deployment) 2-6 Weeks:
This generally takes between 2-6 weeks, but this is entirely dependent on the size of the project and the complexity of the installation.

Phase 2 (In-Unit Installations)

Carries on independently as soon as Phase 1 is complete
Once the bulk of the Fibre infrastructure (Phase 1), is completed,the next step is the installation of a fibre termination point to each unit (in-home installation).
This installation is free of charge for one year (12 months) after the completion of Phase 1, should the resident sign up with one of Netstream’s listed ISPs. . However, if the owner/tenant does not wish to take an ISP package during this one year (12 months) period but still wants a fibre termination point installed within their home, Netstream will charge a once-off fee of R1 710.00 for the installation of the equipment.. This installation fee would be charged to the owner/tenant of the specific unit only.

  • In-Home Installation Guidelines:Netstream will contact the unit owner/resident to schedule an in-home installation appointment.
  • Access to the unit is gained either through existing conduits or, in cases where all possible conduit routes are blocked, a small hole may be drilled to allow cable access.
  • Our team is responsible for ensuring that the unit is left in the same condition as when they entered, within reason.
  • This process usually requires 2-3 hours.

Phase 3 (waiting for Teraco fibre connectivity)
This generally takes about 3 — 6 months but varies per municipality according to location and the availability of fibre-to-the-curb (backhaul) in the area. While we control most elements of the installation, fibre connectivity to “TERACO”, where the fibre connection “breaks out” to the global data stream (the ’general’ internet), can sometimes present some delays in receiving the final fibre link.

What happens if the installation damages my property or common property?

Please contact us at info@netstream.co.za or give us a call on 010 599 5089 and we will assist you immediately.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you will need to sign a contract with the ISP of your choosing.
Netstream contracts with the estate regarding the fibre network infrastructure.

How do I choose an ISP package?

Go to our Netstream Portal and choose the ISP package of your choice.

Who do I pay for my monthly service?

After you have selected a package that most suits your needs, you enter into a contract with your chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are no additional fees payable by you to Netstream and our function remains the on-going maintenance and servicing of the physical network which delivers your services.

Am I able to upgrade my line speed?

Yes, at any time you can engage with your selected ISP and upgrade.

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