Open access fibre networks

Netstream specialises in the installation and maintenance of True Open Access Fibre-To-The-Home infrastructures. Netstream is not an ISP; we provide Estates and Residential Complexes with premium fibre-optic infrastructure.

More than just fibre!

The value of a strong, robust fibre network goes beyond a faster and more stable internet connection . With a high-quality, future proof fibre network you can transform your current home, business or estate into a smart home, smart business or smart estate. The opportunities that a high-quality fibre network has to offer are endless. Envision having complete control of your home, business or estate where you can optimize everything at the touch of a button.

The fibre network will be installed at absolutely no cost to the complex, Body Corporate or Owners

Fibre-optic Infrastructure

We are not an ISP; we provide estates, and residential complexes with premium fibre-optic infrastructure.

Our network is completely ISP agnostic or “TRUE Open Access”, which means that we allow any accredited Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer their services on our network, ensuring that our clients receive an array of options from multiple service providers.


more comfortable, more convenient, more secure

Complete Control

With the touch of a button on your Smartphone, you can dim the lights, check the CCTV cameras, arm the security system, turn up the streaming music, adjust the temperature and watch a movie in crystal clear surround sound with ultra-high definition TV viewing.

Carrier-Grade Equipment

Netstream utilizes carrier-grade equipment and all of Netstream’s fibre network builds are planned with care. We take pride in our network deployments, ensuring durable, robust network infrastructure.

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