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Super-Fast internet at your fingertips, welcome to Fibre to the Home reshaping the very foundation of our new digital society; bringing social, education and entertainment opportunities to its users; and is now universally recognised as the gold standard in communications technology.

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Welcome to Super-Fast Fibre

Netstream install and maintain super-fast, fibre networks within residential complexes, gated communities and security estates.

Our rock solid networks empower and offer significant primary and secondary benefits to trustees, owners, residents in the Voice and data, DSTV and CCTV arenas- all at absolutely no cost to the Body Corporate or Resident Association.

Our focus is the network and the network only… and as such provide a TRUE “Open Access” network within the complex or estate. This means that the individual unit owner or tenant within the complex, will have myriad options in the selection of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as iConnect, MWEB, Cell C, Cool Ideas, Converged Group, Evotel, Webafrica, iAfrica etc. obviously based on the speed and package options that best fit their unique requirements. This structure ensures that the end-client has a wide choice from multiple service providers; with better value and maximum contract flexibility.

Netstream is not an ISP; we provide and maintain the fibre infrastructure within the complex that allow the ISP’s access to the end-client. Our task is to connect you to the global data stream, the ISP’s provide the actual internet services to the end-clients and a transaction or contract will therefore come into effect between the end-client and his chosen ISP to access these services.

Utilising the finest local and international talent, Netstream has created an exceptional integrated management platform providing detailed diagnostics on every aspect of managing our network. This in conjunction with our seasoned installation teams and intimate knowledge of high density living, creates a truly world class organization.


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